Emergency Preparedness

For Hawaii Gas Customers In Affected Areas

Under the direction of Hawaii County Civil Defense, Hawaii Gas crews are unable to enter the evacuation zones. This is due to the danger posed by unsafe levels of sulphur dioxide and the unstable terrain. We are monitoring the situation closely, and will be moving quickly to assist our customers if and when conditions, and the appropriate civil authorities, allow.

Here are answers to some of the questions you may have (if you have questions that are not answered below, feel free to reach out to our Big Island customer service personnel at 935-0021).


  • Q: If my house is threatened, should I shut off my gas?

    A: We are not advising anyone to shut off their gas, unless directed to do so by Hawaii Civil Defense. If Hawaii Civil Defense instructs you to shut off your propane tank or cylinder, please refer to the instructions on our Emergency Preparedness page.

  • Q: If I decide to evacuate, will you come and remove my propane tank?

    A: Unfortunately, due to environmental conditions we would not be able to enter a threatened area and remove a tank.

  • Q: If lava reaches my propane tank, is it in danger of exploding?

    A: Generally, the danger of explosion is not high, as our propane tanks are made of steel plating, and are designed to withstand intense heat. As lava approaches or reaches the tank, the heat from the lava will increase the temperature and pressure of the gas inside the steel tank. Each tank has a safety relief valve designed to open to relieve tank pressure, and vent propane vapor. If the vapor comes into contact with extremely hot air and/or molten lava, it will ignite and burn off. Of course, there is the possibility that the safety valve does not operate as designed, and as a result, we would strongly recommend that if lava is approaching your tank that you rapidly evacuate the area in accordance with Hawaii County Civil Defense instructions.

  • Q: If my propane tank has been destroyed, what will happen to my account?

    A: We are very cognizant of the devastation this event is wreaking on residents’ lives, and deeply sympathize. Please call us at 935-0021 and we will work with you on issues related to your account.

  • Q: I have not evacuated yet – are there any other hazards I should be aware of regarding my propane tank?

    It is unlikely that an earthquake or similar type of event will cause your tank to rupture. However, it is possible that falling branches or debris could damage the piping or associated equipment, which may cause a gas leak. If you detect a propane odor, leave the area immediately.

  • Q. Any other things that I should be aware of as it relates to gas and safety?

    Please visit the “Safety” section of the Hawaii Gas website at www.hawaiigas.com/safety.

As of May 3, 2018, the County of Hawaii has declared that a state of emergency exists for Hawaii Island due to volcanic activity and earthquakes associated with Kilauea Volcano. Since conditions change daily, the most important advice is to keep abreast of current conditions and hazards. Here are some links to help you stay informed: